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An Augment slot comes on certain weapons in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable II have the ability to be augmented, granting the user special bonuses.

In Fable, and TLC, each level of a weapon has a set number of augment slots. Master weapons, the highest, non-legendary level, have 3 slots. The Frying Pan has the most at 4.

In Fable II the highest number of augment slots is 2. Using the Knothole Island DLC increases the limit to 4. Weapons with Augment Slots always cost more than their usual counterparts.

In addition, you can buy the Augment Remover on Knothole Island to make the slots blank again. To remove augments from your weapons in Fable II without this Augment Remover, you can give said weapon to the archaeologist Belle Rennock and there is a chance that she will return it, minus any augments. Save your game before trying this and "Quit without Saving" if she keeps the weapon.

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