Atticus Croddle
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone
Status Alive

Atticus Croddle is a historian and monster expert who lives in Bowerstone. He first made his name in the field of unnatural creatures with his study of hobbes, which he titled Cryptic Taxonomy of Amorphous Bipedal Organisms (or Stop Gnawing on my Ribcage).

He has been interviewed by Penelope Chumley for stories published in the Bowerstone Times. He did four interviews regarding Hollow Men, Hobbes, Trolls, and Balverines. During these interviews, the extremely off-putting and eccentric creaturologist nevertheless managed to answer a number of important questions, such as debunking the theory that hobbes are children transformed by Nymphs.

During the fourth and final interview on the subject of Balverines, it was revealed that Atticus was himself a Balverine. He attacked Penelope, but, as she was armed with a silver dagger, she was able to fight him off. After throwing a lantern at his feet, he fled the building. It was written that his house, heavily damaged by the flames, is under guard and he has not been seen since the attack.


  • Atticus only appears in Bowerstone Times articles, which are available on Lionhead's website.
  • He mentions that the Hollow Man Anti-Defamation League has boycotted some of his experiments.

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