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Attack Orchard Farm
Quest Card Emblem
Type Gold Quest Icon Gold Quest
Preceding Maze's Information
Succeeding Trader Escort
Start Orchard Farm
End Orchard Farm
Reward 1,000 gold
400 Renown
Trophies Whisper's Brooch
Boasts 5

Attack Orchard Farm is one of two quests that involve Orchard Farm, a farm in Greatwood famous for apples which makes the infamous drink Scrumpy. It was also home to some artifacts, wanted by Bandits.

Quest SummaryEdit

Lead the Bandits to the crates and cover their backs while they steal them.


No ProtectionEdit

Boast: Do the Quest naked.
Wager: 80 Gold
Reward: 160 Gold

Without A ScratchEdit

Boast: Take no damage.
Wager: 100 Gold
Reward: 400 Gold

Fist FighterEdit

Boast: Don't use weapons or any aggressive magic.
Wager: 100 Gold
Reward: 300 Gold

No HealingEdit

Boast: Do not use anything to restore any health, whether through food, potions or spells.
Wager: 80 Gold
Reward: 160 Gold

Protect BanditsEdit

Boast: Ensure no Bandits are killed.
Wager: 100 Gold
Reward: 275 Gold

Walkthrough Edit

Attack Orchard Farm

The Bandits prepare to to attack.

After taking the quest card from The Guild, you must travel to Orchard Farm and help the bandits in getting hold of some artifacts kept at Orchard Farm. On your way to the farm, you see Whisper who says that she's going to take the opposite quest, in this case Protect Orchard Farm. She then goes off and then you continue onto Orchard Farm.

When you get to the farm, you get met by a bandit and he tells you what's going down. You then have to help them get the crates in the barn. You’ll have to make three trips from the entrance to the barn, to get all three of the crates. On your way to the barn, you’ll have to defeat three guards, and then one of the bandits will grab a crate and take it back to the entrance. The bandits will help you fight the guards as well, so they aren't completely useless. Guards will respawn thirty-five seconds after the current three have been killed. If both Bandits die during the quest, two more will take their place. This will only happen twice for a total of six Bandits.

When the bandits have ran off with the crates, you have to fight Whisper again, what a shock. To start with, she'll make sure you know how to flourish by just blocking, but hit her with one and she starts the fight properly. When you win the fight, you get at least 400 renown, 1,000 gold and Whisper's Brooch.

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