Ruined City in Samarkand
Location Information
Featured in Fable: Edge of the World

Asur-keh-la is the remains of an ancient city located in Samarkand, the desert country east of Albion. It is located next to the Great Trade Road.

Positioned near the Great Trade Road, Asur-keh-la was once an important market city, trading goods with the nearby town of Sweetwater Trees. This era of prosperity passed with the tragedy that was the Black Storm, which drowned the city that would become Asur-keh-la in a torrential downpour of sand, burying it and its inhabitants alive. In the years since, the ghost city became gained a notorious infamy for being impassable, with any traveler heading out in that direction quickly being swallowed up by the living sands of eviscerated by the hordes of Hollow Men that once called the site their home.

The fearsome legend of Asur-keh-la would be put to rest ten years after The Crawler failed to cover Albion in Darkness, when that land's greatest Hero and monarch, the Hero of Brightwall, arrived with the Royal Army in a campaign to destroy the Darkness, which had made a resurgence in Samarkand. Betrayed in Sweetwater Trees by the town leader, Pahket, the army's subsequent delay allowed the Sand Furies Pahket worked for to block a section of the Great Trade Road, forcing Pahket's daughter, Shalia, to suggest crossing the ruins of the dead city in order to quickly link up once more with the Great Trade Road rather than risk a prolonged fight with the Sand Furies. Entering that dead land, the Hero and his army were, as many others before them, quickly beset upon by the armies of Hollow Men that called the place home. Faced with the prospect of the infinite hollow men and the sand swallowing up sections of land, the great Hero King used his proficiency with Force Push and aimed it downwards, the shockwaves knocking down the ancient structures and causing Asur-keh-la to collapse, dragging most of the Hollow Men with it. After quickly dispatching the remaining stragglers, the victorious Albion Royal Army, reinvigorated by ending the curse of the dead city, marched on.

Trivia Edit

  • Asur-keh-la is ancient Samarkandian for The Place From Which No Living Thing Returns. The original name of the city is no longer spoken.

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