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Assassin Attacks
Quest Card Emblem
Type Bronze Quest Icon Bronze Quest
Preceding Break the Siege
Succeeding None
Start Witchwood Cullis Gate/Knothole Glade/Prison Path/Windmill Hill/Hook Coast
End Witchwood Cullis Gate/Knothole Glade/Prison Path/Windmill Hill/Hook Coast
Reward 100 Gold, 100 Renown & Treasure Clue 3

Assassin Attacks is a Bronze Quest in Fable,The Lost Chapters and Anniversary.

Be wary of those who covet your fame. However, such people may carry valuable or useful items.


This quest becomes active after completing the quest Break the Siege. Twinblade or his followers will have hired assassins to kill you. Once you kill them all you'll receive a message from the Guildmaster, even if he's dead, and he'll say that their deaths have a reward, which is a treasure clue for Hidden Booty Hunt.

Assassin locations:

  1. Witchwood Cullis Gate, at the Focus Site. Go behind it and wait for a few seconds, the assassin will come for you.
  2. Knothole Glade, outside the main gates. Cross the bridge past the demon door, turn around and the assassin will come at you screaming.
  3. Windmill Hill, go inside, or on top of, the windmill building. The assassin will then proceed to attack you.
  4. Prison Path, simply go down to the dock where the Archaeologist was held, you will come along the assassin on your way.
  5. Hook Coast, by the bell in the northern part of town.

Each assassin you kill will yield a reward, and you get a different reward for each assassin, depending on how many assassins you have killed so far:

  1. The first one you kill has a Doll of You.
  2. The second one you kill has a Health potion.
  3. The third one you kill has an Eyes of a Killer book.
  4. The fourth one you kill has Gold.
  5. The fifth one you kill has Gold & a Jet.

Glitch Edit

In Fable Anniversary this quest is prone to glitching. The same assassin may spawn multiple times, sometimes even simultaneously, and killing each of the five assassins only once may not trigger the completion of the quest. If this happens, continue revisiting the locations listed above until no more assassins appear. Eventually the quest will be completed. However, sometimes an assassin may not appear at all.

One possible explanation is that credit will not be given for this quest if the assassin is killed during a quest. One work around for this is to ensure that you are not in any quest, do a world save, exit the game and reload. Kill the assassin(s) that have not been killed outside of quests. This should give you the completion.
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