Ashfield House Key
Type Object
Source Dingly Burrow
Base value 5 gold

The Ashfield House Key is an item appearing in the See the Future DLC. The key is found inside Dingly Burrow, located in Celestial Keep. It opens the door to the Ashfield House in the Snowglobe, where there is a chest containing a Commemorative Mug. The Ashfield House is located just past the gate right after the well, on the left side of the road.


One assumes it fits the lock of a house called Ashfield. But one would have to find said house in order to test the theory.


  • There is a known glitch that once acquiring the key and attempting to get into the Ashfield House the door will not open and the Hero will simply knock on it. The solution to this is to go and travel through all of The Well and then come back to the door. The door should now open after trying again.
Note: This glitch appears to happen if the player does not acquire the Dingly Egg and the Ashfield House Key before completing The Costume Party and then trying to open the Ashfield House.

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