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As Quiet As A Whisper
Stamp Whisper
Achievement icon Achievement Information
Gamerscore 10 Gamerscore
Description Defeat Whisper in a battle without losing any health.

As Quiet As A Whisper is an achievement in Fable Anniversary worth 10 gamerscore points.

Description Edit

You silenced Whisper in combat, who said chivalry was dead?

How to Obtain Edit

This achievement can be unlocked during any battle with Whisper. Simply finish the duel without taking any damage. There are three opportunities to do this: during Guild Training, Attack/Protect Orchard Farm, and the Arena. The first duel, during Guild Training, is the easiest, as Whisper will only use a few basic attacks. If you're unsuccessful, you can approach the black-robed graduate by the ring, ask to get graded, and repeat the duel as many times as needed.

Video Guide Edit

Fable Anniversary - As Quiet As A Whisper Achievement Guide02:48

Fable Anniversary - As Quiet As A Whisper Achievement Guide

As Quiet As A Whisper Video Guide

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