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The Archons were the ancient rulers of the Old Kingdom. The first Archon was William Black, who rose to power after freeing Albion from the tyrannical rule of The Court. William Black was also the first recorded Will User, which gave rise to a bloodline full of powerful Heroes, who would go on to change and shape the world many times over.

Under William's reign, Albion entered a golden age of peace and prosperity, but his fight with The Court and his time in the The Void had weakened his body and infected him with a wasting illness. Faced with this decay, he vanished from the world, leaving his children, who without enemy to vanquish, had grown petty, selfish and cruel -- which began the corruption of the Old Kingdom.

The Archons – as a ruling class – came to end on the day the Spire was first activated.

Known Descendants of the Archon's BloodlineEdit


  • All Archons, and their succeeding blood relatives, are said to be immortal (the in-game book Living Forever: The Immortalists states that it is beyond dispute that the Archons were granted everlasting life and that Scythe was probably one of them), although, as seen in the Fable series with Rose, Scarlet Robe, and the Hero of Bowerstone in Fable III, they can die or be killed. In practice, though, this sort of immortality may not extend to all members of the bloodline, because Scarlet Robe had visibly aged into an old woman in the years before her death, and her son, the Hero of Oakvale, was said to have died of old age.
  • The term "Archons" refers to the executive rulers of Ancient Athens.
  • Archon is a Greek word that means "ruler" or "lord."

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