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Archie Loggy's Diary

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Archie Loggy's Diary
Archie Loggy's Diary
Type Book
Source Snowglobe Village (in The Well)
Base value 40 Gold
Stars 1star

Archie Loggy's Diary is a Fable II book found within The Well in the Snowglobe Village, part of the See the Future DLC.

Contents of BookEdit

The diary seems to chronicle the a man's obsession with locating the legendary Knights Aberrant. The last entry reads:
"I know I'm getting close. I can almost feel the immortal breath of those proud warriors upon my brow. Finally, a lifelong pursuit will yield it's results. No longer will I be alone. The Knights Aberrant will protect me."


The Well is also found in Wraithmarsh, a region in Fable II.

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