Disambiguous This article is about the apple in Fable II. For the apple in Fable and TLC, see Green Apple.

An Apple is a type of food in Fable II. It comes in different types.

List of ApplesEdit


A Rotten Apple

Name Stars Description Healing Points Exp. Purity Base Value
Rotten Apple 1star One thing you never want to hear from an apple: silence. 20 0.0 -5.0 10
Mealy Apple 2stars A lone worm inhabits this apple. It's not a feature, it's just a bug. 40 5 0.0 15
Russet Apple 3stars An apple a day keeps the Guildmaster away. 80 25 5.0 27
Shiny Apple 4stars Someone has buffed this baby to a blinding sheen. The crack as your teeth break the skin will be heard for miles. 160 125 10.0 66
Golden Apple 5stars Though containing no actual gold, the healthy effects of this delicious fruit are just as precious. 320 625 15.0 186

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