Annual Witchspotting Newsletter
Annual Witchspotting Newsletter
Type Book
Source Cemetery Mansion
Base value 5 Gold
Stars 1star

Annual Witchspotting Newsletter is a book in Fable II. It details the capture of Lady Grey and her execution by the Witchspotters of Albion Society.

Contents of bookEdit

This ancient newsletter for the now defunct Witchspotters of Albion Society details the capture of one Lady Grey on charges of "witchcraft and unreasonable hotness". Its main article describes the triumphant evidence presented before the town of Bowerstone by Vincent Hopkins, Witchspotter General. "She doth make men her slaves by use of foul potions, and her bosom doth protrude most lewdly." he concluded, to raucous applause and much baying.

Lady Grey, who was Bowerstone's Mayor at the time, was also accused of consorting with Hobbes and attempting to corrupt Heroes. The Society unanimously decreed that she should be executed and dismembered and that a committee would decide in which location her body parts were to be secreted.

The illustration of the Witchspotter General which accompanies the article appears to have been recently vandalised by the addition of horns and various insalubrious insults.


  • Vincent Hopkins and the title of 'Witchspotter General' are references to real-life 17th-century English witchhunter Matthew Hopkins, the self-titled 'Witchfinder General', and to famed horror actor Vincent Price, who portrayed Hopkins in the 1968 British horror film Witchfinder General.

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