Species Human
Gender Female
Home Ravenbeak
First Appearance Fable: Theresa
Last Appearance Fable: Theresa
Status Alive
Anne is a character in Fable: Theresa

A little girl by the time that the story takes place, Anne, like Theresa, was a seer, able to discern visions of past, present, and future events. However, much to the distress of her mother, Elizabeth, Anne is unable to control these disturbing visions, many of which concern Darkness and Corruption.

Theresa, having seen a vision concerning the young seer's death, utterly refuses to sit idly by and wait for it to pass. With Elijah Stane as a companion, Theresa desperately attempts to find the mythical cure for second sight before her visions come to pass.

Exploring the cave network native the Ravenwing Mountains adjacent to Anne's home of Ravenbeak, Theresa and Elijah eventually encounter the legendary Will user Raven, who some claimed was a descendant of gods while others claimed he used his power to create the landscape. The legendary Will user did indeed posess a cure for the second sight, but at a cost. Drawing upon misery and suffering as the source of his power, Raven offered the cure to Theresa if she did something that would allow him to feed off her new grief. This action, Raven decided, was to let Elijah Stane stumble into a Rockmite den. Elijah complies, however, proudly proclaiming that saving Anne was the right choice.

After Elijah's sacrifice, Theresa returns to the humble home and cures Anne before resolving to continue life with the second sight, reasoning that the visions it granted her allowed her and would continue to allow her to save lives.

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