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Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Sister
Home Bowerstone South
First Appearance Fable: The Lost Chapters
Last Appearance Fable Anniversary
Status Unknown

Aldy is a minor character in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary who is involved in the bronze quest The Sick Child.


He became ill after eating a Blue Mushroom, and his mother asks the Hero of Oakvale to seek out a cure from the witch in Bowerstone Quay.


The sister of Aldy is sent to the Hero by the frantic mother, who explains that her son has been poisoned. The boy can be observed rolling around the floor, muttering things about the sky being beautiful and other. It is revealed that Aldy consumed a Blue Mushroom, leading the mother to ask the Hero to seek out a cure from a witch.

Upon finding the witch in Bowerstone Quay, the Hero is told by her that the boy is likely having the time of his life, though appears willing to create a cure - if four Blue Mushrooms found around Albion are given. The Hero collects the mushrooms from various areas, only to realize that the witch had held the antidote all along. The antidote is exchanged for the mushrooms, and the Hero gives Aldy's mother the cure.

Notes Edit

  • Aldy has the exact same appearance as the bully from the Hero's childhood in Oakvale.

Aldy will also tend to break the 4th wall. Such as saying, "nothing is real, we're just pixels and our brains are just numbers"

Aldy will also seem to be able to tell the future. In one instance he will say "No.. don't make the Moon signs, we'll all die" or he will mention the ghost in Oakvale.

He will say other funny things like "My belly button keeps trying to escape.. where you going belly button"

"My body is made out of sugar... I hope I don't fall into a cup of tea"

"Go away headless monkey.. I don't like your eyes" This is talking about a mission in Splinter Cell where you mix monkey blood with a virus.

He will also develop telepathy or psychic powers like the Hero, and will be able to hear the Guild Master talk about potions. "Your Health is low, do you have any potions... WHO SAID THAT!"

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