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A Turn in the Road
Type Stage of the Journey
(Chapter 1)
Preceding To Heal and Destroy
Succeeding Thorndeep
Locations Fairwood
Collectables Dog Ball

A Turn in the Road is the final stage of Chapter 1 in Fable: The Journey. Gabriel and Theresa begin their journey to a second Temple of the Enlightened, where Gabriel hopes Theresa will be able to remove the magical gauntlets he found in the Spirit Chambers. To get there however, they must travel through the mysterious Thorndeep Forest.

Walkthrough Edit

Riding through Thornhatch Edit

You begin this stage on the trail outside the Spirit Chambers, entering the region of Thornhatch on the border between Fairwood and Thorndeep. Trot through the blue Experience Orbs ahead, and then choose the left or right branch of the path. There is little difference between the two routes aside from the scenery. Shortly after the trails rejoin, you arrive at Thornhatch Halt.

Thornhatch Halt Edit

Thornhatch Halt is the first of a number of Camps you will encounter on your journey. While similar in many ways to Rest Stops, Camps offer a number of additional activities that you can partake in to earn experience. Strafe around the area to see the different things you can do. Cleaning Seren, as well as feeding her apples and filling the water trough, all provide experience. A Collectable Dog Ball can be found in the treasure chest.

Completing all the activities in the Camp will also unlock the achievement Happy Camper. When you are ready to leave, head to your cart and raise the bar. You will be prompted to spend any Upgrade Tokens you have not yet used. Gabriel then joins Theresa by the fire, where she begins to recount her story.

Theresa ends her tale by telling Gabriel that foresight is not the only responsibility of a Seer; they also need to know when to act.

The Road to Thorndeep Edit

Continue down the road towards Thorndeep, taking care not to fall off the edge of the cliff. A little way further on, Seren is spooked by some flying creatures in the middle of the road. You will need to defeat these stingers in order to continue. Once the first wave is defeated, Gabriel decides to investigate the ruins the stingers are emerging from; defeat the rest of them to find a chest containing a Gargoyle.

Back in the carriage, collect the red and green Experience Orbs lining the road until you arrive at the edge of Thorndeep Forest.

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