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A Hero's Journey III
Type Book
Source Oakvale

A Hero's Journey III is a book in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, Fable Anniversary. It is found in a bookshelf in Oakvale. It is set out in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Contents of BookEdit

Page 167, "The wasp-headed creature at the door is fooled by the pass you took from Koroln's corpse and lets you in. The dark robes you wear as a disguise can't quite disguise your corpulent appearance, but the tavern's patrons pay little attention to you. The lack of windows in this underground chamber, the black curtains hanging raggedly from the walls and small number of torches, make it hard to see anyone clearly. In one corner is a group of assassins, hunched over a table and whispering. Near the door, two lizard-men, a woman of great beauty but evil red eyes and a large man, whose hirsute face gives him away as infected with a Balverine's bite, are playing a card game. To their left, the bar man scowls as he pours a thick, black liquid into a skull. If you order a drink, go to page 15. If you would rather join the card game, go to page 101. If you wish to sit close to the assassins and maybe try to listen in on their conversation, go to page 76."

See Also Edit

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