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A Hero's Journey II
Type Book
Source Rose Cottage

A Hero's Journey II is a book in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It is found in a bookshelf in the Rose Cottage. It is set out in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Contents of BookEdit

Page 241. "The cavern sends a chill down your spine as you are swallowed into it's shadow. The stench of rotting flesh is overpowering. You light your torch and its flickering flame illuminates a terrible collection of bones, half-chewed limbs, and thick gore. You notice a hand protruding limply from a mass of tissue, the glint of emerald on one of its fingers. As you bend down to pick it up, a huge roar echoes from behind you. You turn around to see a Undead horned Bear, its face a nightmarish contortion of teeth, saliva, and scars. You face it ready to attack. If you rush towards it with your sword, go to page 112. If you try to direct an arrow into one of its eyes, go to page 294. If you decide to cast a fireball, go to page 89."

See Also Edit

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