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A Friend in Need
Type Stage of the Journey
(Chapter 1)
Preceding On the Run
Succeeding To Heal and Destroy
Locations Fairwood
Tor's Creek
Collectables None

A Friend in Need is the fourth stage of Chapter 1 of Fable: The Journey. Theresa informs Gabriel that Seren has been poisoned by the Devourer, but she knows of a location where they may be able to find something which can heal her.

Walkthrough Edit

Throughout this stage, Seren's health slowly declines, so you will need to get to your destination quite quickly. Proceed at a gallop along the trail, collecting the Experience Orbs along the way. Due to Seren's condition, she will often break out of a gallop, and you will need to decide whether to crack the reins again or continue at a trot. Soon, you will arrive at Tor's Creek. Follow the stream until you reach a large stone door.

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